Nursing administration

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Planning-Nursing adminstration ppt
plan is a course of action to be taken in future. It is a pre decided course of action . Planning  is the process of deciding in advance what is to be done [...]
Performance Appraisal-Nursing administration ppt
Systematic, standardized evaluation of an employee by the supervisor, aimed at judging the value of the employee’s work contribution, quality of work, and [...]
Organization- Nursing adminstration ppt
A basic process of combining / integrating Human / Physical / Financial resources in productive interrelationship for the achievement of enterprise [...]
motivation-nursing adminstration ppt
MOTIVATION-Nursing adminstration ppt
Motivation is an internal feeling and a psychological phenomenon which generates within an individual. Motivation is next to directing / leading. Managers [...]
hospital adminstration- nursing adminstration ppt
Hospital administration-Nursing administration ppt
Management applies to all kinds of organization, whether government or non-government, small or big hospitals, profit making hospitals or charitable [...]
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