Chronic kidney disease Medical surgical nursing ppt


Chronic kidney disease is when one suffers from gradual and usually permanent loss of kidney function over time. This happens gradually over time, usually months to years. Chronic kidney disease is divided into five stages of increasing severity . For the  total or near–total loss of kidney function, the  patients need dialysis or transplantation to stay alive.


  • Stage 1 with normal or high GFR (GFR > 90 ml/min)
  • Stage 2 Mild CKD (GFR = 60-89 ml/min)
  • Stage 3 Moderate CKD (GFR = 30-59 ml/min)
  • Stage 4 Severe CKD (GFR = 15-29 ml/min)
  • Stage 5 End Stage CKD (GFR <15 ml/min)

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